PInk Donut Party Balloons - Donut Party Decorations, One Year Old Balloons, Pink Baby Shower Balloons, Girls Baby Shower

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This cute and adorable pink theme donut party balloons is the perfect decoration for any little's girls 1st birthday party! ONE is SWEET COLOR /THEME: Pink Donut Party COLOR OPTIONS: Hot Pink Series, Rose Gold Series, Silver Series SET OPTIONS: 6 PCS SET: 2 x Pink donut balloons, 2 Pink solid balloons, 2 Pink confetti Balloons 9 PCS SET: 3 x Pink donut balloons, 3 Pink solid balloons, 3 Pink confetti Balloons 12 PCS SET: 4 x Pink donut balloons, 4 Pink solid balloons, 4 Pink confetti Balloons (DOES NOT COME WITH BALLOON STRING!) SIZE: 12 INCH ROUND ; Confetti circles measure 0.75" diameter. MATERIAL: LATEX (DOES NOT COME WITH BALLOON STRING!) IZE: 12 INCH ROUND MATERIAL: LATEX These balloons filled with AIR will stay full for up to 72 hours, while with HELIUM will stay full for 3-6 hour Please DO NOT overfill the balloons and also avoid sunburn, overheat, pointed object and excessive friction. Strong wind or over clap may cause popping (★★PLEASE NOTE★★) Actual product is shipped flat < WHY SHOP WITH US ? > ♥ Ships from USA for fast service. ♥ MOST ORDERS ARE PROCESS WITHIN 1-2 Business Day ♥ 5 STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE ♦♦♦ SHIPPING INFO ♦♦♦ ♥ SUPER FAST SHIPPING - All orders are made and ship within 1-3 business day! ♥ Orders ship via USPS. ♥ We ship from Las Vegas ♥ Standard shipping: 3 - 7 business days for delivery. 2-3 Days to West coast, and 5-7 days to East Coast. ♥ Shipping Upgrade at checkout available. ♥ Upgrade to Priority Shipping: 2 - 3 business days for delivery ♥ Tracking information will be emailed the day your order < HOW LONG WILL THEY FLOAT? > Approximately 8-12 hours. Float time will vary due to weather and conditions. inflate balloons the day or your event (Balloons should not be overfilled as they may pop.) < HOW DO I GET THE CONFETTI TO STICK TO THE SIDES? > After inflating the balloon, use a cloth to rub against the balloon to make friction, and the confetti will stick to the sides! Repeat the step few more times, so more confetti will stick to the balloons, and will make the balloon more beautiful! PLEASE NOTE: When balloon is filled with helium, confetti tends to pool at the bottom of the balloon. This is the natural property of helium, so this will happen with any confetti balloon regardless of the company/maker. Confetti in balloons filled with air tends to stick to the sides of the balloon like the pictures you see in this listing. ♥ Priority Shipping: 2 - 3 business days for delivery ♥ Tracking information will be emailed the day your order has shipped

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