PINK CONFETTI Balloon-Pink Gold Balloons, Pink Baby Shower Balloon, Pink Hot Pink Balloons, Princess Balloons, Confetti Heart Balloons

  • $7.99

<< PINK HEART SHAPE CONFETTI TRANSPARENT BALLOON BOUQUET >> COLOR THEME: Pink and Gold Heart Confetti SIZE: 12 INCH ROUND ; Confetti circles measure 1" diameter. SET OPTIONS: 8PCS, 12PCS, 16PCS MATERIAL: CLEAR LATEX (DOES NOT COME WITH BALLOON STRING!) ; Balloons should not be overfilled as they may pop. Please do not put them in hot weather! For other color combination please click our balloon sections NOTE: CONFETTI BALLOONS DO NOT LAST LONG, SO PLEASE FILLED WITH HELIUM ON THE DAY OF YOUR EVENT! ***Please do not use your mouth to inflate these balloons, the confetti inside is a choking hazard when inhaled. And the moisture inside your mouse will stop the confetti from sticking to the wall of the balloons. *** * * * * * PLEASE NOTE: When balloon is filled with helium, confetti tends to pool at the bottom of the balloon. This is the natural property of helium, so this will happen with any confetti balloon regardless of the company/maker. Confetti in balloons filled with air tends to stick to the sides of the balloon like the pictures you see in this listing. * * * * * WARNING: Balloons are not toys and pose a choking hazard to children. Children should not be around balloons (inflated or deflated) without adult supervision

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