PINEAPPLE BALLOONS - Tropical Balloons, Hawaiian Balloons, Luau Party, Fruit Balloons, Pineapple Party Decoration, Summer Birthday Party

  • $12.99

<< TROPICAL PINEAPPLE GOLD CONFETTI BALLOONS BOUQUET DECORATION >> COLOR THEME: GOLD, YELLOW STYLE #1: PINEAPPLE GOLD CONFETTI MIX BOUQUET 12PCS MIX * 4x Pineapple Print Latex Balloon * 4x Gold Yellow Latex Balloon * 4x Gold Confetti Transparent Balloon STYLE #2: PINEAPPLE GOLD CONFETTI /HEART FOIL BALLOON BOUQUET 10PCS MIX * 3x Pineapple Print Latex Balloon * 3x Gold Yellow Latex Balloon * 3x Gold Confetti Transparent Balloon * 1x Gold Heart Foil Balloon ( We also have gold star foil Balloon, PLEASE INQUIRE) TO ADD ADDITIONAL FLAMINGO BALLOONS OR TROPICAL LEAVES BALLOONS PLEASE VISIT For other color combination please click our balloon sections NOTE: Balloons arrive flat and need to filled with helium on the day of your event

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