GIANT PINK Number 1 Balloons, Pink Party Balloons | Girl's 1st Birthday Party |Pink Balloon Cake Smash | First Birthday Balloon

  • $14.99


The first birthday party is the only 1 year old party or first year party she'll ever have. Celebrate the milestone with a number balloon birthday banner! Our 1 foil balloon & pink balloons decoration set proves party supplies can be cute & customized. It's the balloon bouquet that sets the scene for adorable 1 year photos.


1 - Giant Pink 1 Foil Balloon- 40in.

2- Pink Star foil balloons-18in.

6- Pink latex balloons-10in.

5- White latex balloons-10in.

6- Gold Confetti latex balloons-10in.

***All balloons arrive flat and please fill with air or helium: Please fill them on the day of your event.***

WARNING: Balloons are not toys and pose a choking hazard to children. Children should not be around balloons (inflated or deflated) without adult supervision.

INFLATION OF BALLOONS DISCLAIMER: Balloons blown up my mouth with a home helium inflator or hand pump may not be inflated to full size capacity. Please note that any large and XL size balloons are very difficult to blow up by mouth due to their size and thickness. The correct equipment and professional helium inflation is recommended for your balloons. Balloons are non-refundable and non-returnable items from our shop under any circumstances due to the fact that there are many unknown factors for balloon inflation- if the correct tip equipment was actually used, if the person inflating the balloon was trained and qualified and other environmental factors as to why a balloon may not remain inflated or may pop. All balloon sales are final.

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